Our Leadership Team 2021-2


PRESIDENT:  Bev Paonessa
VICE PRESIDENT:  Sandy Wegmann
SECRETARY: Nairn Friemann
TREASURER:  Gail Neuman
PROGRAMMES:  Barb Dickie
PROGRAMMES:  Marilyn Marchetti
MEMBERSHIP:  Patti Smart
MEMBERSHIP:  Gail Neuman
       Michelle Gillis
MEMBER AT LARGE:  Mary Jane Schture
PAST PRESIDENT:  Paula Van Singel

Special Committees

SUNSHINE:  Helen Hughes
ARCHIVES:  Joy Dudgeon
SOCIAL:  Name withheld by request
CUSBC LIAISON:  Bev Paonessa

Activity Groups

          Crowe and Anne Rizzolo
DAYTIME BOOK CLUB:  Name withheld by request
GARDEN CLUB:  Mary Ellen Crowe

 Bylaws (updated 06-23-2020)




The name of the Club shall be The Canadian Women’s Club of Chicago.


  1. The Club shall have as its objective the promotion of friendship among women who have a common bond with Canada.

  2. A further objective is to provide financial aid to worthy causes, both Canadian and American, the cause and amount to be determined by the officers.



The Club membership shall be composed of Honourary, Active, Emeritus, and Non-Resident Members. 


HONOURARY MEMBERSHIP in the role of Honourary President, shall be extended to the spouse of the Consul General. No membership fee will be assessed Honourary Members.


REGULAR MEMBERSHIP shall be open to any woman who is a Canadian or who has a common bond, interest, family or affiliation with Canada. Regular members are those who pay regular dues.


EMERITUS MEMBERSHIP was conferred upon any member of the Club who has paid annual dues for 25 consecutive years before the year 2020. The Board will no longer confer the status of Emeritus as of 2020. All members already granted Emeritus status (continuous members as of 1994) shall continue to retain status, as long as they remain continuous members. To be considered continuous, Emeritus Members must contact by email, phone or letter the current membership chair by the renewal deadline of each calendar year. Emeritus members shall be entitled to the privileges of regular members.


NON-RESIDENT MEMBERS are those whose primary residence is more than 75 miles away from the corner of Madison and State, Chicago.


A.    The annual dues of Regular Members and Non–resident Members shall be an amount set forth by the Officers.

B.    The fiscal year shall be from July 1st to June 30th and the Club year shall begin with the first meeting of the new board.

C.    Dues of new members joining after January 1st, shall be prorated at one half the normal membership fee.

D.    Renewals and dues for the following year are due by a date to be set and announced by the Membership Chair, in order to be included in the new directory.

E.    If renewals and dues are not received by a date to be set and announced by the Membership Chair, the membership will be considered lapsed.


A.    The general meetings of the Club shall be held the third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise approved by the Officers and the Programme Committee.

B.    The date of the meeting in June shall be at the discretion of the Board. It shall be the Annual meeting and its agenda shall include election of Officers.

C.    The Budget Committee shall meet once during the summer and at the discretion of the President.

D.    For the Board, a quorum shall consist of two-thirds of the Officers serving on the Board (excluding vacant positions). For the General Meetings, a quorum shall exist if a minimum of 10% of the members are present.

E.    Board and General meetings can be conducted electronically.

F.    Members who fail to cancel their reservations with the Treasurer or Programme Chair by the prior Friday will be billed for the cost of their luncheon.



A.    The Officers of the Club shall include the Honourary President.

B.    The Officers shall:

  • Manage the activities, funds, and property of the Club.

  • Provide for expenditures, set costs, and administer the work of the Club.

  • Officers shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Board. In the event a member is unable to attend, she may appoint an assistant to give the report or she may personally submit her report to the President or Vice-President.

  • All officers may be reimbursed for Board-related administrative costs incurred.

  • Meetings of the Officers shall be held up to four times a year on a day and time designated by the President and at the discretion of the Board.


A.    Shall serve as Chief Executive and Presiding Officer with authority and responsibility pertaining to the office and providing general direction to the Officers, and be responsible to the Officers for her performance.

B.    Administer the activities of the Club according to the bylaws.

C.    Preside at all Club and Budget Meetings and be included as ex-officio in nominating meetings.

D.    Formulate policies with Board approval.

E.    Appoint special committees as needed and fill vacancies if they arise.

F.    Act with the Treasurer for the Club in financial, social and cultural matters. Has cheque signing privileges.

G.   Set dates for Board, Budget and any special meetings.

H.    Submit recommendations and an annual report.

I.      Shall be responsible for reviewing the bylaws with the Bylaws Chair and submitting to the Officers for approval any proposed amendments or revisions before presenting them to the general membership.

J.    Shall have served on the Board for a minimum of one year prior to assuming the role of President. An exception can be made with Board approval.


A.    Shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and assume presidency in case of resignation of President.

B.    Serve as Chair of the Nomination Committee.

C.    Act as official hostess for the Club at general meetings.

D.    Take Board minutes in absence of Secretary.


A.    Shall keep minutes of the Board and annual meetings of the Club.

B.    Prepare minutes to be mailed or emailed to the Officers two weeks prior to the Board Meeting.



A.    Maintain a minimum bank balance as directed by the officers.

B.    Be responsible for all financial records.

C.    Place money belonging to the Club at a bank of her convenience and approved by the Officers, and acts as financial agent on the Club’s behalf.

D.    Record receipts and disbursements monthly in Club records which are open for inspection at all times.

E.    Submit reports in writing at all Board meetings.

F.    Pay bills and expenses in a timely manner.

G.   Collect payment for luncheon reservations.

H.    Maintain a bank balance for emergencies at all times as agreed by the Officers.

I.      May appoint additional members to assist as she deems necessary.


A.    Shall maintain membership lists and files.

B.    Be responsible for printing the directory with costs to be approved by the Officers.

C.    May appoint as many members as she deems necessary to serve on the Membership Committee.


A.    Shall prepare and mail or email the monthly newsletter to the general membership by the first week of each month, including invitations to the upcoming luncheon and programme.

B.    Be responsible for sharing information with the general membership through the club’s CWC email account and paper mail as required.

C.    May appoint a Co-Chair and as many members as she deems necessary to serve on the Communications Committee.

D.    No Member may release club-related information to the public or media without the permission of the Communications Chair.


A.    Shall ensure that the website and any social media accounts are maintained and updated according to the guidelines and objectives set out by the board.



A.    Shall be responsible for planning, and presenting all programmes for the Club including finding locations for the monthly luncheons.

B.    Present to the Officers by September for approval the programme, costs, and speaker commitments.

C.    Introduce the speaker to the general membership and escort them during lunch.

D.    Handle all correspondence pertaining to programmes and the honourarium, including thank-you notes.

E.    Arrange speaker fees within the programme budget set by the Board.

F.    May appoint as many members as she deems necessary to the Programme Committee.


A.    Shall recommend to the Officers the names of charitable organizations or events, either Canadian or American, which are legally recognized Charitable Organizations registered under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, for the board to decide how to distribute any excess funds accrued during the fiscal year.

B.    Chair may appoint as many members to the committee as she deems necessary.


  1. Shall serve on the Executive Board in an advisory capacity.


A.    Shall be responsible for annually reviewing the bylaws and submitting to the President for approval by the Board, to be followed by presentation to the general membership for approval as per Article X.

B.    The Bylaws Chair shall interpret the bylaws to the Officers and Committee Chairs when necessary.



  1. The purpose of the two Officer At-Large positions is to provide the Club with flexibility to recruit Board Members to:

  • be willing to fill in for Board duties as requested by Chairs

  • act as Ambassador by bringing suggestions and ideas from members to Board

  • reach out to new members.



A.    Shall be responsible for storing and maintaining all CWC records, whether written, photographic, or digital.

B.    Shall be responsible for adding Board records to the archives at the end of each year. This may include Minutes, Treasurer’s reports, Programme Committee records, Membership records, President’s report, Newsletters, etc.

C.    The Chair may appoint an assistant as she deems necessary.



A.    Shall attend meetings at the Museum of Science and Industry and handle all communications and correspondence with the Museum

B.    Organize and obtain workers to set up and dismantle the Christmas tree.

C.    The Chair may appoint a Co-Chair and as many members as she deems necessary to serve on her committee.



  1. Send flowers or cards to members and their families at Board recommendations.


A.    Shall provide a variety of social activities both day and night that are of interest to the general membership.

B.    Any activities shall be approved by the Officers before presentation to the general membership.

C.    May appoint as many members to her committee as she deems necessary.



A.    Shall be responsible for informing the Canada-US Business Council Chicago of the current activities of the Club.

B.    Inform the CWC Board and members of the current and future activities of the Canada-US Business Council Chicago by submitting information to the Communications Chair.


A.    The Vice-President shall be the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

B.    The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chair of the Committee. The committee shall consist of the Vice-President and 2 members of the Board and any Past President appointed by the Vice-President, and approved by the Officers for a one year term.

C.    Nominations may also be submitted by a petition signed by 3 active members and sent to the Chair at least one week before the annual election.

D.    Nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting, provided consent from the candidate has been obtained.

E.    The nomination slate shall be presented to the Board for approval by voice vote at a Spring meeting, or by e-mail vote in lieu of a meeting and published in the June newsletter.

F.    Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting, by voice vote, provided a quorum is present. A majority of members present who vote shall constitute an election. If a quorum is not present at the annual meeting, then an e-mail vote will be held.


A.    The officers shall be elected to serve one year.

B.    No officer shall hold the same position for more than three years.

C.    Any Member shall be eligible to serve as President in the event an existing Board Member is unable to serve.

D.    The Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term and may serve two consecutive terms, but shall not serve a third term as Treasurer.

E.    No member shall serve on the Board for more than eight consecutive years.

F.    A Board member becoming President in her eighth year may serve on the Board a ninth year.

G.   The incoming Board becomes active at the first meeting of the new Board following the election of the New Slate of Officers by the members of the Club.


The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and not inconsistent with the bylaws and any special rules adopted by CWC.


These bylaws may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the voting body at any regular Club meeting.


A.    In the event of termination, dissolution or inability to achieve its purpose for any reason, CWC shall distribute its remaining assets (if any) to a charitable entity or entities listed under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

B.    The Board of Directors shall submit recommendations for distribution to the general membership.

C.    Any member in good standing who has retained membership for a year or longer is qualified to vote for Article XI.

D.    For purposes of this article, approval of distribution of funds is required by a 2/3 majority of membership.